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GZA Tour & CD, Killah Priest, 9th Prince album info - 2003-04-23 15:57:42

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Here are the much requested dates for GZA's European Tour. The Tour runs from April 30th until May 18th, 2003. Masta Killa, Dreddy Kruger and Allah Mathematics will be supporting GZA on stage. Below are the dates for the shows, including the name of the city and the name of the venue. You can also see the country and the capacity of the venue.

## : City/Description : Venue (Capacity) : Country

April | 2003

30 : Exeter (Devon) : University (800) : United Kingdom

May | 2003

01 : Brighton : The Event Club (1.400) : United Kingdom
02 : Southampton : NY2 (1.000) : United Kingdom
03 : London : Mass (?): United Kingdom
04 : Bristol : The Academy (1.800) : United Kingdom
05 : Haarlem (Afternoon) : Liberation Festival (10.000) : The Netherlands
05 : Groningen (Evening) : Liberation Festival (20.000) : The Netherlands
06 : Copenhagen : Vega (450) : Denmark
07 : Oslo : Rockefeller (1.300) : Norway
08 : Stockholm : Stacey's (650) : Sweden
09 : Goteborg : Kompaniet (500) : Sweden
10 : Helsinki : Nosturi (900) : Finland
12 : Amsterdam : Melkweg (1.000) : The Netherlands
13 : Brussels : VK (600) : Belgium
14 : Heidelberg : Karlstorbahnhof (600) : Germany
15 : Schorndorf : Manufakur (650) : Germany
16 : Zurich : Rote Fabrik (1.300) : Switzerland
17 : Dornbirn : Conrad Sohm (600) : Austria
18 : Vienna : Wuk (900) : Austria

In the J-Love Interview he mentioned a GZA mixtape. This won't be done by J-Love however but they are planning to release such a mixtape like he said. It'll be called GZA Live and it will feature live performances from New York, San Francisco, Portland, Los Angeles and more. It will also feature new and exclusive songs. The mixtape includes songs by Masta Killa, Dreddy Kruger and two songs by Young Justice Kareem (GZA's son). The mixtape will be on sale during the European Tour along with T-shirts.

Speaking of Young Justice Kareem... he's still working on his debut. It will be released on Liquid Swords Entertainment and so far it features production from GZA and DJ Muggs from Cypress Hill.

As you may have noticed, the Killah Priest album Black August didn't come out yesterday on April the 22nd. The advance is alread leaked on the Internet and Killah Priest isn't exactly happy about it. He said that his stupid ass label (Recon Records) fucked up on the Black August album and what got leaked is not the final product. It will be totally revamped and will include tracks featuring RZA and GZA, just to name a few. The album will be released on Koch Records in... August.

[wimg=left]../images/covers/granddaddyflow.jpg[/left]You can now pre-order 9th Prince's album Granddaddy Flow. It's on sale at Protect Ya Neck Records for $11.99 and will be shipped May 6th, 2003. It features production from RZA, 4th Disciple, True Master, Falling Down and more. On the guest list are Killarmy, TMF, RZA, Rubbabandz and more. You can order it here and listen to some snippets. Below is the cover including a list of production credits.

01 : Intro (Produced by 9th Prince)
02 : Camouflage Children (Produced by Rebel Danja)
03 : Foolish Ways (Produced by Rebel Danja)
04 : Generation Next ft. Killarmy, TMF & Ruthless Bastards (Produced by 4th Disciple)
05 : Burn Bridges ft. RZA (Produced by 4th Disciple)
06 : Granddaddy Flow ft. Rubbabandz (Produced by Storm)
07 : Skit
08 : Kill Or Be Killed ft. P.R. Terrorist (Produced by Freedom)
09 : Cold Wind ft. TMF (Produced by Cheese)
10 : 100 Degrees (Produced by Falling Down)
11 : Slang Killaz ft. Killarmy (Produced by True Master)
12 : Honeycomb (Produced by Storm)
13 : Tribute To The 5th Brother ft. RZA (Produced by RZA)
14 : Originators (Produced by Falling Down)

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