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Time for another interview. This time it’s Warclouds turn. X-Calibur spoke with him on the phone but Warcloud was giving really short answers. That’s why the interview is so short. He still had some interesting things to say though.

He talked about his beef with 9th Prince for instance. “Yeah, I fought him one time, and whooped his ass. He setted on me, and I fought him for half-an-hour, we got into it. But we been cool ever since that, that was years ago. We did get into a bloody fight one time in Manhattan.”

“Yeah, yeah, he did jump me from behind, but I whooped his ass. My leg always has been good since I was a kid. I still whooped him for half-an-hour, and he didn't want any. I kept putting him down and putting him down, but he kept getting back up. I mean, he's like three times the size of me. He kept getting back up and back up, but I kept putting him back down and back down, I mean, it was a bloody battle for half-an-hour. At the end, he bowed down, and I am not having a problem with him after that. We used to be real good friends before that though. We still pretty good friends now.”

Warcloud also told that he quit with The Escapism project and that his Alcatraz Jigsaw Puzzle LP is finished. He just isn’t quite sure when he should release it. They are still shopping for deals with a label.

You’ll be hearing a lot more of Warcloud in the future, or not: “I've done tracks with Killah Priest. I've done tracks with the whole Wu-Tang before, it's just they haven't been released. RZA isn't choosin' to release 'em, but I've done tracks with every Wu-Tang member before.”

He prefers the Old Jail Pajama Room style (his current style) as to the Mixed Forest Zone style (his style when he was Holocaust), because he felt he needed to get out of the woods a little bit and bring it down to a street level, underground hip hop style feel.

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