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Also like I said if you are ever intrested in hearing about the "Big Wigs " Documentary that I was talking about let me know. The film played at alot of film fests and I had alot of Saten Island guys in it. Also my first film Sluggers features Wigs and Hassan Johnson of Staten Island and both films are on Russell Simmons HipHop Channel.

Michael Variano, who made the Big Wigs documentary last year featuring Ghostface and Wigs, recently interviewed Clan member GZA.

MV: You’ve stunned me lately with the Chappelle Show and Coffee and Cigarettes with the indie king Jim Jarmusch.

GZA: I had fun on both. I met Jim Jarmusch in Jersey City and he was shooting 'Ghost Dog;' RZA had a good relationship with a lot dudes, and you know…RZA is walking his dogs. He knew a lot about me and he asked me to do this with RZA.He is a cool person and I worked with Bill Murray but its short though. The entire movie is like 6 different comedy skits. I’m in a restaurant with GZA and Bill Murray walks in, and we start going back and forth. Bill Murray made you feel real cool. He got a different type of humor and he is winning all these type of awards. Also you can catch me on DVD on the first season of Chappelle Show as a musical guest and a comedy skit I did with RZA.

MV: I have stayed away from the Wu-Tang questions but I’ve got ask how do you want to end it?

GZA: We need to bang them. We need to end with a big bang and give them what they want. I love that clock in Jersey City. Hoboken is cool though too. I love my home and Jersey City is hot now.

MV: 'Wu-Tang Revealed?!?' [referring to the documentary]

GZA: I shot all of it with my digital cameras for years with some vintage footage. A lot of footage is from the 'W' album and the 'Iron Flag.' It's got some great scenes between the Clan. It’s a working title, not that we are revealing anything it's just some stuff I wanted to put together. MTV and BET wanted footage but I wouldn’t give them anything. I can’t wait to get it out. You can watch a trailer for the documentary on the Wu-Tang site at www.wutangcorp.com and it should be hitting stores soon.

MV: How did directing come about?

GZA: When I was at Geffen Records I had creative control, so I did 18 or 19 videos for myself and Wu-Tang and I got my education.

MV: What kind of people do you like to work with?

GZA: I like working with people who give me back input and feed me stuff. Especially with my Director of Photography. What can we do? I never went to school for this so I want people to work with me collaboratively.

MV: Are you going to act or direct?

GZA: I don’t know about acting but if comes to me in a natural sense then I will mess with it. If it’s fun and laid back then I will mess with it. I can’t wait to direct more stuff though.

Written by Michael Variano for Transculturalism

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