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Ghostface & Trife Present 718: Stapleton to Somalia - 2005-09-06 10:33:35

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Trife’s solo debut, 718: Stapleton to Somalia is set to drop October 18, 2005. The 25-year-old emcee hooked up with Wu-Tang's Ghostface Killah while he was on the block and they formed an instant bond.

“I used to come home from school and watch Video Music Box on the floor model in the living room,” says Trife. “The first video I really liked was the MC Shan’s ‘The Girl Left Me Lonely.’ I saw how he was getting down, looking all fly and shit. That’s when I knew I wanted to be a rapper. Ever since then I always knew I had it in me.”

The album also features appearances from Ghostface on six tracks as well as Kool G. Rap . “This album is like a buffet—you can eat all day on it,” says Trife of the project.

“My nigga Ghost is from the same hood and I remember one time I spit a rhyme for him in the park,” Trife says. “He saw some potential in me but I was little too young at the time. So, he was like, ‘Yo, when I get right and shit starts popping off, I am going to come back and scoop you up.’ And he stayed true to his word. That’s why I love him for that.”

“I’ve seen how the game works from his experiences,” says Trife. “I’m a nigga that sits back and observes shit. A lot of these rappers think it’s just about rhyming, but they don’t see all the other bullshit like going to the studio, doing interviews, going on promo tours—you’ve got to have patience. That’s a lot of wear and tear on the body, and some of these cats don’t see that. Most MCs think this is fun and games, but this is a real job for niggas.”

“Stapleton to Somalia that’s like representing the struggle,” says Trife. “Cause there’s a lot of poverty out here in Stapleton, and Somalia—you already know what it is like out there. So, I just combined the two and called it Stapleton to Somalia.”

“That was the first one I really took hold to,” Trife says of the Jim Bond-produced beat. “As soon as I heard the shit I was like damn that’s me right there because I’m fire. I just put it together like I was fire and what I do to niggas on the mic. I’m hot so niggas better step back. My nigga Ghost hoped on it and that’s what it is.”

Having put in as much time on the block as he has in the studio, Trife spins tales of the drug game with the grimy “Cocaine Trafficking” and “Them Drugs Ain’t Mine.”

“When I first started hustling, the police would always fuck with me,” he says. “I don’t know what it was. Maybe, it was a sign that I shouldn’t have been out there slinging drugs. They would accuse me of shit I wouldn’t do. I got locked up and probation for shit I didn’t do while I was in high school. I was a young, stupid ass little nigga, but that’s a real story right there. It means a lot to me because people need to know how police get down. They be trying to give black dudes time to get them off the street. These little niggas don’t understand that. That’s why I wrote that song.”

718: Stapleton to Somalia Tracklist:

01. Put It On The Line featuring Trife Da God (Produced by Look Out Ent.) (Check this joint!)
02. Gangster Shit featuring Trife Da God & Tommy Whispers (Produced by Jeff Duval)
03. Man Up featuring Trife Da God & Ghostface Killah (Produced by Anthony Acid)
04. Event featuring Trife Da God (Produced by Emile)
05. Fire featuring Trife Da God & Ghostface Killah (Produced by Jim Bond)
06. Drung Aint Mine featuring Trife Da God (Produced by Dirty Dean)
07. Cocaine Trafficing featuring Ghostface Killah & Trife Da God (Check this joint!)
08. War featuring Trife Da God (Produced by Phenom)
09. 85 Hip-Hop featuring Trife Da God, Tommy Whispers, Fly Guy, Kryme Life (Produced by Mike Payne)
10. Life featuring Trife Da God (Produced by Jim Bond)
11. Its Theodore feat. Trife Da God
12. Struggle feat. Ghostface Killah (Produced by Nottz)
13. Niggas Wanna Get Me feat. Trife Da God & Kryme Life (Produced by MoSS)
14. Theodore’s Theme feat. Trife Da God, Tommy Whispers & Kryme Life (Produced by Animal House)
15. Ghost & Giancana feat. Ghostface Killah & Kool G Rap
16. Game Time featuring Trife Da God & Tommy Whispers (Produced by Now & Laterz)
17. On The Come Up featuring Trife The God (Produced by Animal House)
18. Misdemeanor featuring Ghostface Killah & Wiggs

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