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Masta Killa

Masta Killa was first introduced to the world on the Wu-tang Clan hit "Da Mystery Of Chessboxin'" in 1993 from the classic album "Enter the 36 Chambers". Due to being incarcerated at the time, Killa was unable to appear on any other songs from this album, but that memorable verse was enough to secure him a starting position in the seminal supergroup The Wu-tang Clan. After his release, Masta Killa made appearances on every Wu-Tang Clan album, many solo Wu projects, as well as projects by Afu-Ra, Bounty Killer and Public Enemy. Masta Killa feels his time has finally come.

The most quiet and mysterious Wu-Tang member, Masta Killa rarely speaks during public appearances and interviews and very little is known about him. "I know I seem serious and quiet to a lot of the fans. That's because I take my work seriously. It's not a game. The Clan and I work hard to give you the best," says Masta Killa. "I'm bringing back that original Wu-tang sound. I'm bringing the family and fans back together like how everyone remembers...the whole Wu-tang movement. I know what they've been waiting for all these years any they won't be disappointed."

Sticking to the formula the fans loved, "NO SAID DATE" will be the first solo release by MK and the first by a Wu-Tang Clan member to stay entirely in-house for production in quite sometime, having been handled mostly by RZA, TRUE MASTER & ALLAH MATHEMATICS. While "NO SAID DATE" will finally shed light on the Wu's most-slept on chamber, it will also feature appearances from ALL the fellow Clansmen - METHOD MAN, GZA, GHOSTFACE, RZA, INSPECTAH DECK, U-GOD, O.D.B. and RAEKWON. In addition, "NO SAID DATE" will include a limited edition LIVE CD & DVD featuring Masta Killa performing songs from the album as well as past Wu classics. "NO SAID DATE" will be independently unveiled on NATURE SOUNDS later this year. 
Name: Masta Killa
Real Name:
Jamal Turner
Label: N/A
Web: www.mastakilla.net

  1. Wu-Tang Clan
No Said Date (Mixtape) - 2002 [Promo CD]
Digi Warfare - 2003 [12" Single]
No Said Date - 2004 [Album]
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