Prodigal Sunn

Prodigal Sunn is a man with the essence of the road running in his veins, growing up traveling back and forth between New York and The South. (origin Brooklyn) He is an only child to born American and West Indian parents. During his youth, Prodigal was known as the 'Sun of Man' and later re-christened "Prodigal Sunn' by childhood friend Killah Priest in reference to the well known parable in Luke chapter 15, verse 32. Along with Hell Razah and Sixty Second Assassin, they would form the first group associated with the Wu Tang Clan known as Sunz Of Man. They would go on to release 2 studio albums, the legendary "The Last Shall Be First" and "Saviors Day" (Prodigal served as the Executive Producer) as well as an EP, numerous mix tape projects and a classic radio single with "Shinin' Star" featuring Earth Wind & Fire and Ol' Dirty Bastard.

Prodigal built a reputation as one of the more socially conscious and lyrically deep artists associated with the Wu family. True to his restless spirit, he would cross the Atlantic and become and International sensation winning a Grammy award in France for LA SAGA / I AM feat. SUNZ OF MAN and a VIVA award in Germany for DJ TOMEK featuring GZA and PRODIGAL SUNN. He was one of the first artists approached by LRG Clothing for a sponsorship with numerous full page ads running in XXL, Source, URB and many more publications.

After of number of guest artist appearances and behind the scenes management, Prodigal launched his own entity, Godz Inc. In addition to entering into a venture with Free Agency Recordings to release music as Chief Executive Officer of Godz Inc. Multimedia Solutions, Prodigal Sunn also has a TV pilot, a feature film and a DVD series entitled Hip Hop Entrepreneurs all in production and many others being developed. His acting resume includes an appearance on HBO's Sex & The City and he is a co-producer as well as a featured artist along with Jay-Z, Outkast and more in American Rap Stars, the longest running rap documentary ever on cable, now airing on The Movie Channel. Prodigal is currently in production on additional episodes of American Rap Stars.

After seemingly a lifetime of criss-crossing the world, the country, classic albums, tours and all the experience that brings, the Prodigal one, the 'Sun of Man' finally comes home to record his first solo debut album entitled "Return of the Prodigal Sunn" for Godz Inc./Free Agency Recordings.

- www.prodigalsunn.com
- www.freeagencyrecordings.com 
Name: Prodigal Sunn
Real Name:
Vergil Ruff
Label: Free Agency Recordings
Web: www.prodigalsunn.com

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