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  1. yo

    you got a place where you compile all your instrumentals?

    shits tight from what ive heard.

    im just looking for an original beat to lay my vocals down on. kinda getting sick of going over random already used beats. im in a stupor real bad right now and want to do something productive to help my head.

    check this out though i like to rap over shit like this ha


    and check my shit out too, if you're even interested in letting me spit what and how i spit over your shit. i got an ep if you wanna hear more but thats neither here nor there right now. ive been posting my shit on this here forum if youve seen it or not


    wanted to do a track with this black cat i went to school with (drastically different styles think meek mills and ah Holocaust or GZA) but he's opposed to doing three verses a piece and it'd probably be better if i did this on my own anyway
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