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  1. i can't really make it a big priority right now since i got alot of things on my table but i'll try to chip in some reviews. write as many as you want and i'll do as much as i can instead of splitting it up 50/50?
  2. I wanna finish this shit once and for all.
  3. aight my man, i'll do it tomorrw!!
    take care
  4. I posted my review in the album review section. Feel free to post it on your blog if you like.
  5. thanks alot bro, yeah i wrote it.

    aight if you want to you can write the entire review but if you still want to post it on my blog, i'll do so... not taking credit for it at all, but i'll say it's a "guest review from my man Beautifulrock". if that's ok for you

  6. that's really good, you write it?

    Don't worry about the review, I'll do it myself.
  7. i hate to dissapoint but no not really. i got some ideas in my head but that's pretty much it. i've got several projects right now with the blog. i'm working with one of my favorite NY producers, his record label, 2dopeboyz and another site on a project that should be ready soon and to tell you the truth i havent really listened much to "Legendary Weapons", maybe 5 times in total. i still wanna do it, but it's a time issue too. maybe if you could start it and send me some paragraphs i can go from there.

    did you read my Too Poetic article btw, bro?
  8. Got anything yet?
  9. Andrew kelley, Noah Rubin, Fizzy womack, RZA, I'm assuming...
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