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  1. Nope
  2. Do you have the beggaz changing classics vol.1?
  3. For me it's gotta be...

    Rev Burke
    Brown Hornet (only because im going off memory, I haven't bumped any BH or GP Wu in a long while.)
  4. Aight, I got one more for you, i'm almost done with my list. rank from hottest to wackest (Everyone is in their Prime)
    Pop Brown Hornet, Superb, Trife, Myalansky, Darkim Be Allah, Bronze Naz, Rev Burke..........
  5. Aight thanks, I'm working on my top 25 Wu-Killa Beez List, this is 21-25, I just needed some advice.....I'll hit you up again when i get to 20-13

  6. Even though i've got king just's album, I haven't heard it in a long time so I can't really rate him at the mo, otherwise it would probably be...

    Solomon, B9 then 60 sec.
  7. Quick question, how would you rate these 4 from hottest to weakest : 60 sec, Beretta 9, solomon childs , king just
  8. yeah i found some links, but i dont trust them, imma just cop it tomorrow, it shouldnt be more than 10-15 dollars anyways
  9. Nah man, I don't really download flicks, just music so I wouldn't really know where to look. Can you not find a link using google?
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