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  1. haha i know man
  2. "get money"

    lol you know that old alice book i was selling? just sold for $150..wow. I bought that shit for like $15 about 3 years ago. damn.
  3. I bought a 404. Im gonna rape it for a week straight and then Im sure I'll forget all about what happened with the 303.

    get money
  4. Can we talk about this over lunch?

    Theres so much drama in the dub.t.c its kinda hard being g-h double O s-t.

    Nah but seriously Inf this aint cool, at all. Honestly, I do apologise for how it went down but you see now if I had taken it down I wouldve lost alot of money in the end - which is why I was selling it in the first place.

    You wouldve done the same thing in my position. I already told u how important this money was to me, I wouldnt be selling the damn thing otherwise I love my SP!!

    I hope our friendship is worth more than a few bucks.

    like count said it:

  5. I wasnt outbid until I told you get on paypal. I waited all night last night and paypal was accepting payments during and after their maintenance. You was duckin out.

    I get up this morning at 6 am and magically I am out bid.

    all of this means NOTHING when you consider you own words

    "the ebay listing can be takin down at any moment"

    ^that was you duke. you said that shit. thats why Im heated.

    what happened was this morning you tried to play me for more than the 300.

    after you seen I was ready to pay a day early and that I was even highest bidder on ebay .. you got money hungry.

    It happens dude. I see you.
  6. man.


    at this point idk even what 2 say anymore. just dont act like i was tryin to hustle you and shit when u know that AINT what happened here. i stayed chekin up with you the whole time.

    i couldve taken that ebay shit down earlier but u clearly said to me you got paid on the 1030pm tonight. so i let the ebay shit ride out.

    dude like i said ANYWAY you shouldnt get to vexed about this at all because its worked out best for you.
  7. stop it dude.stop.

    you told me more than once that you would and could stop that auction.I got all the PM's and I aint on no p-shop shit.

    you tried to get more than 300 from me is what you did.

    Im not so stupid as to get mad at you making money. I wouldnt have even tripped if you woulda never told me it was all good and that you could stop the auction.

    you fucked up.bottom line.

    all over money..... aint that a mf.lol
  8. Wait... what?

    So u seriously want me to refuse more money because you want it for $300? I've been offered more money, what do you want me to do, say no? I'm in dire straits financially right now, I'm not a position to do that just so you can have my 303 because you asked for it.
    I dont know why your getting personal with this all of a sudden, just cus you got outbid?
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