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  1. Peace Balolo. what happened to your photo album?
  2. yo you should post up some of your art in an album.that shit was fly that you did with that site robbie put us onto
  3. yeah , thats whats up.peace
  4. Yeah word. Ok. Chill homie, you can get to me know me on the boards.
  5. Hey , are you alright? I was looking thru my myspace friends and forgot we was friends.anyway I looked thru your pictures and thought twice about you.Usually Im thinking that you are a dirt bag.....buuuuut them pics make you look cute.Most I had seen before.My fav is the ET one and then there is another where you have your face clear and it looks like its around the same time as that et pic = waaay back.

    anyway ... I was wondering if you say "about" like this - "aboat" or "aboot"

    I wish I wouldnt have first found out about you the way I did (the corpse nude gif) or else I could hold a better type of e-relationship with you.

    you seem like a chick thats down.in the good way and in the bad way.

    stay up
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