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  1. Thanks alot, much appreciated.
    And I'm good man, living life lol Searching for some new music, I need something new ABT looking more like 8 Diagrams Pt 2 lol
  2. Hey bro how you doing?

    I can rip Iron Flag and cut off The Glock for you?
    I might have the GZA track on a CD somewhere as well.
    Sort you out tomorrow.
  3. Yo what's good fam? I'm back (Ignore the name change lol dickhead mods)
    do you have:
    Gza - Crash Your Crew (Ft. Hell Razah)
    Wu-Tang Clan - Iron Flag (w/out "The Glock")
  4. "Big West Coast Heavy Smoke A Well Dressed Skeleton Slowly Cuts Your Throat
    Gungrave Graveyard I Brush My Teeth With Coke Everything I Speak Is Dope"
  5. "Creator of all that rest within the Universe
    Soon to burst, acid, rocks, flesh and silver
    Never speak in questions, the scriptures of a builder"
  6. "Earth's Like Resident Evil Knock Your 20-20 Vision To 0-0"
  7. "Fishing in Antarctica I'm strapped like the chief, started calling niggas marks cause they act like the beast"

  8. "Village Hidden In The Stone....I Pull Bones Like A Kimimaro Clone
    With A Noose I'ma Show You The Ropes My Sound Village Hit The Notes"
  9. Should've worn engineer mask....
  10. Friend I'm The Pride Of Beside Henry Jekyll
    ....Much Obliged To Hide Mr. Edward Hyde!
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