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  1. whers - sendin' best wishes to you and yours in the new yr, bro - TDB
  2. thanks for taking the time whers.. I appreciate it bro!! - God Be With You, in the fields in winter time and always
  3. sup whers! lol
  4. no not yet bro, i gotta wait til i go to my dad's house, maybe this weekend.. i'll let you know when i do though! thanks w-
  5. You listened to those tracks yet O ?
  6. pm
  7. whers i sent you a pm check it out
  8. hey bro i sent you a holocaust photo - to your pm
  9. someone should make a photo using method man's upside down W logo, but make it look like iron inside his chest, like iron lungs-- like an anatomical diagram photo or something? i dont know- OR like a sci-fi robot photo and you can see inside his chest or something??
    you'd get big props by everyone here if you could pull that off somehow--
    just an idea i had bro- hit me back sometime
  10. w- i saw you posted a LONG dart in your gallery- i havent read it yet, but i wont let it get off the first page of the temple before i give some feed-
    2 things>
    >check j.t.s. 'life is hectic' - i wrote a great verse, tho j.t.s. didnt mention me in the thread title-
    and i have an art idea for you- i'll send it in a minute
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