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  1. shaqichu lacoq
  2. What's yo name on there?
  3. just added u
  4. yo I freestyle now. Check me out at facebook.com/mfwelch
  5. sounds too boring for me to like
  6. How do you feel about Lil B man? as great as people are saying his new album is I just can't give this clown a second chance
  7. the list is slowly getting bigger

    it's in the czech republic

    18-20 august - I think. Around 50 EU. LOOKS REALLY FUCKING DOPE.
  8. whoooooaaaa.. Where is that show at??? How much? please tell me it's not in july. My own band is going on tour that month
  9. I'm going to http://www.hiphopkemp.hr/lineup/lineup.htm probably

    the list is still not finished, but it looks strong already
  10. That shit is pretty fresh. I'm contemplating whether to go to this SoundSet festival in MN where a lot of people you'd probly like are gunna b at but idk if I can support it again, I went two years ago and MF Doom sent a doombot, despite Rhymesayers & Doom's promoter personally telling me otherwise. All of us who saw knows it was a fake. We'll c though, really tryin see JETS
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