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Conversation Between Dirty Knowledge and JASPER BEARDLY

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  1. Yo hoe
  2. yay yay
  3. i have an xbox now. you still play 2k/have madden?
  4. When its fn or nba or ncaa online its me
  5. you need to get your own xbox witcha broke ass...never know when its you or your brah on
  6. haha its pretty dope but my bro plays that because hes retarded
  7. I seen you playin that AFL 2k8 or some shit... that shit classic or sum??
  8. Im gettin it

    If its a,legit sports game its me or netflix

    If its a weird game its him

    Ya team up is legit
  9. word. is it always u when u online or ur bro or some shit??? u getting madden at all??? 2k12 next month we need to do work this yr start doing some team ups or some shit
  10. damn thats wack but ok.. haha i wasnt ducking you i was at school so i didnt have xbox live
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