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  1. Ha. Ummmmm nope everyone can see this.
  2. Ok that I'll send u in a pm.......don't need everyone calling me. Ha
  3. No. U misunderstood. I mean like folks from high school and grade school.
  4. Ha. I get asked that all the time....no I don't. And I don't have myspace. If someone wants to talk to me, bbm me or text me. I don't want folks from the past "looking me up". Ha
  5. Wow! I'm maintaining man......
  6. Wow. Congrats on the wife!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Yeah everyone is good...well since it's been since forever I have a son now along with my daughter.....u still in NYC?
  8. Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah yeah! Wow. How r u and ur fam? Things r good on my end. Living in NYC now and working with Ralph Lauren.
  9. Fine????? Who r u? Ha
  10. whats good...hope all is well
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