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  1. omo na wettin dey? I just dey relax for day off lol
  2. Wetin dey oh
  3. Hahahah .. I've experienced that having had someone translate.
  4. in the spew they'll also squeeze in a "my friend" that lip sucking hiss lol.
  5. small small- a little.

    "im just relaxing a little/for a bit"

    the funniest is when you piss someone that speaks broken off and they say

    "Biko shut up abeg joh, eh eh!" cause its just a frustrated spew of unrelated words. kills me everytime.
  6. Lots of West African friends na just dey behave raz. lol.

    I know very little though - where did the 'small small' bit come in?
  7. "im good just chillin boss, how are you" Na where you learn pidgin from?
  8. Chai!

    I don't understand Naija that fluently.

    Abeg u translate oh.
  9. lol oga ha far, notin dey, we just de relax small small na u?
  10. Wetin dey oh ?
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