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  1. everyone that has it on my ps3 is a hero so it gets annoying playing on your own
  2. Yeah, the installation file downloaded fine, and it said it would take around 90mins to download. I'll leave it on download later... by the time you're back online tomorrow it'll be done.

    Why be a villain? is that a clause, or just your preference? lol
  3. lol yeah, its a massive file but its worth it (remember its a beta)

    Let me know if it works cos it didnt work when I sent it to Slick
  4. is this 15gb...? I'm hoping no one steals the code from my profile ...haha
  5. huh?


    You gotta go villain though
  6. What?
  7. Some Borderlands modding thing, you can create some truly gamebreaking guns

  8. When you're on next, yeah. You still got challenges to do?
  9. Burnout...?
  10. you up for a straight swap? watchmen: end is nigh for FFVII on PSN?
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