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  1. you should check out the latest adventure, just a preview.
  2. Your dry wit is almost British.
  3. thank you. play a game sometime
  4. "You quietly duck out and take the whoightboys to your favorite social hangout. It's a place where angry young black people can take out their frustrations by reciting poetry loudly and obnoxiously, the movie theater."

    "'I never thought anything could be more pretentious than Six Feet Under', you say, Nicky Laughs, and Art laughs because Nicky laughs."

  5. Yea, shit had me dyin.
  6. did you know there is a "Rounders 2" coming out? (w/ Matt Damon confirmed... Edward Norton, John Malkovic, Famke Jannson and John Turtutto not confirmed)

  7. I didn't take my sneakers off, I am sneakers O'toole
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