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  1. alright Zero, would you be able to mix verse two of Spartibus which is 18 bars. Let me know either way, how quickly could you do it? If you can't do it let me know, cos I'll have to find some1 else quick.

  2. Whats good kg, id love to start choppin some shit up againt but im havin a bit of comp troublez at the moment, in the meantime could u send me acid pro 6 + keygen, and i'll let u know when i'll be up and crackin again!
  3. What happenin Zero

    Do u wanna make a verse for CC's RTJ PLoo tape. there's gonna three mixers on each RTJ apart from PLII.

    It would be amazing if you could bless us with a chopped verse like back in the day

    Let me know either way, thanks

    KG from Canibus Central
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