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  1. Ha, thanks, i appreciate that girl!

    Have a smashing nye!
  2. *hugs Inspectah_Dirk*
  3. Where was that free E-hug last monday, el cheapo?

  4. lol ok i'm remember that but I'll just give a free E-hug? I'm cheap.

    and i already have a phone it's a black berry, which i need for my job since they pay for it lol so i went for the best next thing.
  5. Always good to spoil yourself a bit. Ipod Touch is niiice. But why not an Iphone i always wonder?
    The good ol' "giving money"..always a good present haha. Already bought something, or you still thinking about what to get?
    My birthday is coming up in December..write it down in your agenda "December 21st...buy Dirk some big-ass present"
  6. I bought myself an ipod touch .. thought i'd spoil myself a bit. Got to see MJ's this is it twice for free lol and everyone else gave me money and gift certificates. so i gotta do some serious shopping soon >_>
  7. Ah damn! And i didn't even congratulate you with that..well, a bit late, but Happy Birthday!! Got any good presents?
  8. i dressed up as the birthday girl .. cause it was my motherfucking birthday! lol
  9. Halloween? Oh yeah..when is that? October 30 right? We don't really do Halloween here tho. Ofcourse there are some folks who like to make their house look all scary like..but if they are the only one in the neighborhood then it doesn't work..
    Didn't know Canada did Haloween as well tho. You gonna dress up for Halloween? Not like a vampire i hope? Haha.
  10. most likely. but lets not get ahead of ourselves. Halloweens coming!
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