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  1. Poetry bro.
  2. selam aleykum bruda Kareem shallah justice al Maktoum
    Its all going well at Imperial, final year so shit loads of work. i cant help you out on making the anthrax, however as i do alot of work on rocketry i can help you build a missile to destroy the zionists. i also work on bullet proof materials so you will be protected from any zionist bullets.
    and bare terrorists graduate from the top institutions, its all about being part of the Islamic society in one of the Universities of London man. the most powerful university society, and its full of crazy radicals.

    allah u akbar.
  3. ayo Mustafa inform me of the progress @ imperial, i look forward to the day a fellow terrorist graduates such a prestigious institution, i'm still making the homemade anthrax, just need a few compounds, help a brudda out.
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