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  1. Do you have an albumhunt account? They are on there. If not, Do you need Vol. 1 or Vol. 2? And Honestly I wouldn't go near any Dom Pachino material after "The Arsenal" very lackluster, waste of your money....Killarmy is disappointing me right now
  2. the falling down one. (presents untouchable soldiers). thanks g if u have it.

    also have u heard Dom's operation warface tape? is it worht it?
  3. Yeah which one u need?
  4. shits the truth. i'm into it. u dont happen to have a link to that old untouchable soldiers mixtape do u?
  5. You got the Elijah album?
  6. Mr. HD my g if u happen to come across a la part 2 link.... help a brother out man. peace!
  7. Wikipedia? LOL come on, i hope you not serious....you probably edited that shit LOL
  8. I just though I should let u kno I added that Superb is Ghostface's cousin to their Wikipedia pages.


  9. I don't think Solomon or Perb are worth my money, I'd rather download, tell me how they are and I'll check them out...
  10. Your asking the wrong wigga. I dont even like Trife. I know what you should be coppin is the new solomon album though, and supreme clientele part 2.
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