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  1. Yo do you know where I can get a discography of The Beggaz??? I need more of their shit, thanks.
  2. lets see.. ill say rev burke (based lyrical style and content) first, 2.darkim be allah 3.bronze 4.mylansky 5.trife 6.perb 7.pop
  3. Aight, I got one more for you, i'm almost done with my list. rank from hottest to wackest (Everyone is in their Prime)
    Pop Brown Hornet, Superb, Trife, Myalansky, Darkim Be Allah, Bronze Naz, Rev Burke..........
  4. bout to peep that
  5. Aight thanks, I'm working on my top 25 Wu-Killa Beez List, this is 21-25, I just needed some advice.....I'll hit you up again when i get to 20-13


    but yeah i had solomon, king just, b9, 60 sec.............. i was just trying to get some different views
  6. yo fam,thats a hard one..great question yo..id say king just hottest,b9,solomon childs and 60 sec last no doubt.....how do you rate them?
  7. my nigga,thats a hard one..shit..id say hottest king just, followed by b9,then solomon childs and 60 sec last
  8. Quick question, how would you rate these 4 from hottest to weakest : 60 sec, Beretta 9, solomon childs , king just
  9. no doubt
  10. aight good looks
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