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  1. anything I see or read or interact with in my life is subject to have symbolism.I found it cool that you told me about the 666 when you did because I learned something new about it that day too. The conditioning I was talking about is of life. This life I am living right now. It just has its ways your know? The conditioning of life as I see it is amazing.
  2. i didn't get your last message. what is so symbolic to what conditioning? can you explain, please?
  3. no hearts. thats whats really good ,lol. SO SYMBOLIC to the conditioning.
  4. it was 6 diamonds, 6 spades and 6 clubs. no hearts.
  5. You're pretty awesome too INF
  6. Charli , ur AWESOME!
  7. Life is what you make it.Life includes God so God is what you make it.
  8. "lets say that everybody on Earth found out or knew all along who the true creator was......... lets say that there were certain ppl that wanted to tarnish god because in their hearts he or she (god) wasn't what they wanted for a god."

    when you posted that message i forgot to ask who this god was. like, what do you mean everyone found out or knew all along who the true creator was?
  9. yeah , I'm the anti-Christ. Because I am the manifestation of god (all of us are) we are the anti-Christ. Our god is the Architect. He has many names.
  10. i didn't use to like the numbers 666 because i watched The Omen as a child and it scared the shit out of me for years. i always had to mute the sound when the monk chanting came on.

    but now i'm not offended by it cos last year i found out that alex turner was born on the 6th of jan. i was born on 6th october according to the chinese calendar. and the year i actually met alex turner was '06. so i'm cool with that number now.

    when you said you found god i thought you meant the christian god. that's why i was confused that you used the numbers 666 to rep god.

    i was always led to believe 666 repped the anti-christ. does that mean your god is actually the anti-christ?
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