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  1. What's the beat name
  2. damn, i recognize the beat but i'm not sure if i heard Dilla rhyme on it before, gonna look for it... real dope!
  3. https://m.soundcloud.com/rappcats/th...-jay-dee-act-2

    Hey dog what's dilla phat kat song at 22 mins ish?
  4. Blogs been dope man keep up your comps/lost albums
  5. good looks amigo i appreciate it, i'm gonna have to peep that stuff real soon
  6. some other essential works include "One For the Trouble" by A.D.O.R., "It's Over" by Ghostface, "The Teacha's Back" by KRS-One/Marley Marl, four songs on ODB's "Osirius" tape, three songs on the Theodore Unit album, "Funkadelic Relic" (although credited to Marley) and "Year Of The Hip-Hop" by LL Cool J.

    you do know that you can search my blog by label which will show all posts with that label:

  7. yeah K-Def is easily one of the best producers out there, i've been a fan for years and it always bugged me how underrated he was and still is glad you found out about him though bro!

    he got tons of shit, if you like to listen to instrumental albums (which i know you do) besides "Nightshift" he got his solo debut "Willie Bo Bo 'The Fool'" which is sick and he also released two volumes in a series called "Beats From the '90s" which is unreleased beats he made in the '90s.

    in the mid '90s he was one half of a duo called Real Live and in 1996 they released "The Turnaround: A Long Awaited Drama" which he fully produced. the MC's name was Larry-O. it's a lost classic and out of print but you should definitely download. vintage boom bap masterpiece + it even has a posse cut with Ghostface, Killa Sin, Cappadonna, Lord Tariq and Larry O.

    he was Marley Marl's partner in beats n did most of Tragedy's second album which is unbelivable.
  8. i'm checking out k-def's the nightshift on your recommendation... i'm only a few tracks through it but damn.

    i also got the first few lords of the underground albums and the compilation you made for him... what else should i check by him? it's clear to me i've been sleeping on this cat
  9. good looks
  10. thx for the info - i found the song - http://www.dotgotit.com/?p=43500

    noticed it's been out a while so won't blog it but this project looks dope!
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