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  1. Rustee Jux said on twitter that he's got a new joint out with Kool G Rap.. haven't found it yet so I thought I'd pass the info along and hopefully you'll come across it.
  2. my boy and illa j always say dillas still here in spirit

  3. hehe that's ill.. that's one of the illest instrumental hip-hop albums i know of. absolute perfect production... i think Dilla was there in spirit. i'll put your blog on the roll later today!
  4. its funny you mentioned that madlib album just now, check out my blog www.twoforpayjay.blogspot.com heh did it a few days ago
  5. Good looks
  6. nice, yeah let me know and i put up a link to it in my blogroll
  7. Yeah I'll show it to you when it's ready should be in a day or so.
  8. there should be a little button right next to where you add picture with a little movie icon on and on that you can choose add YouTube picture and search for clip (this is not html). the other way is to change the setting temporarily from "write" to "html" right above the white box where you write your posts and embed. hope this makes sense.. are you starting a blog too bro?
  9. How do you post youtube videos on blogspot? Does it use html?
  10. Nice thanks and I'll check it out
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