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  1. i think it's DOPE, i have only listened to it once but i think Allah Mathematics brought a nice chopped up Shaolin Soul vibe to it... GZA dropped a dope verse, and he didn't at all sound as tired as he's been doing on many other recent projects.

    the only thing i disliked was the hook, it's not bad per se but i don't see why the hell a respected hardcore hip-hop group like Wu-Tang Clan feel the need to have an R&B hook on their first single in years. what did you think about it?
  2. CL7 What are your thoughts on the new Wu single?
  3. nice, keep checking bc i've been updated like crazy lately, plus a lot of upcoming treats including a mixtape that i'm executive producing with Tokyo Cigar and Mphatik some of the best underground artists around (even Hell Razah and Soundsci's on there).

    i agree with you 100% percent about the two Fredro Starr / Audible Doctor has dropped so far.. i'ma give you the inside scoop that Audible will produce the entirety of Fredro's upcoming EP that those tracks are from.. check the first single, it's even iller man -

  4. havent been on ur blog for a while..the fredro starr nY beat is just brilliant...
  5. peace man. keep checking, more goodies on the way.
    that K-Def mix is a banger btw
  6. just downloading the k-def mix from your blog, dont get enough time to visit it as much as i want but once again thanks
    K-Def @ Pirate Radio 105.1 FM
  7. peace, much appreciated you feeling it! keep checking!
  8. good work with the site, d.l the jazz mix right now, checked out the new mobb track too, keep the good work up, btw the PPB mixtape sounds real good too..
  9. thanks man, glad you liked it. i posted a jazz/hip-hop compilation yesterday and just now i compiled a rare OC EP with the lost remixes from "Starchild"
  10. lovin the mobb deep mixtape!
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