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  1. its quite calm then , damn . that is good . that s cool man . do u blaze ?
  2. yeah I'm mexican. I don't listen to screwed music, that's not my steelo. yeah Ciudad Juarez can get hectic, but it doesn't flow over here in the U.S. It's actually quite silent here not many homicides this year maybe 5 in 2010 total.
  3. ahh damn, sick ! that s tight ! , i just love writing it . im myself (real ) self when i write . damn El paso , fudge , Ciudad Juarez is very near u huh ? damn , i would be scared living there , in ciudad juarez i mean . damn i love the lakers but they havent been playing good . Eres Mexicano ? do u listen to screw music ? Screwed and chopped i mean . ?
  4. those ill lines you wrote, just giving daps. same person I always was KT1. Soy de El Paso, Texas. Y no me gustan Los Lakers, prefiero Los Pacers
  5. do i know you 4 real ? who are you ? where do you stay at ? te gustan los Lakers ?
  6. what do you mean ? i dont get it .
  7. mira muy chingon
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