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  1. Aside from Audacity, I don't really know any free programs. I mean, I use Pro Tools, Propellerhead shit, Audition and some other shit. But I really have NO clue on how to send it haha.
  2. not really recordin shit but i write still when i get time.. i been thinkin bout layin sum shit down again tho.. u got any programs u could send me? some shit any retard can use ima fuckin caveman bro, still rockin flip phones n shit haha
  3. you have a kid? wtf. i never knew this shit haha. yeah man, it's all about priorities n shit. still rapping nowadays?
  4. been aite man, busy with work n takin care my seed, tryna keep my nose clean u kno
  5. yeah man, still here. and prolly will never leave either haha. shit man, how's everything going with you?
  6. same ol blood, u still in MIA.. i miss that shit forreal
  7. yoo yoo whats good mayne.
  8. yooooo! been forever homie, wuddap ?
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