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  1. Dope video fam...peep the new beat tape n leave some feed if u can:
  2. ...that's ill man, I like that attitude I'll look out for the snakes
  3. I feel u...Was doing that myself for awhile, but cats have been getting all butt hurt when u don't tell'em what they want to hear. Now i'm just in the business of telling you outright whether u suck or not. I took alot of criticism coming up and it made me what I am today. I'd rather have somebody be honest with me, so I can have the sense to keep improving.
  4. lol o word that's wack I just wanted to keep the board live, because cats post shit all the time but don't really contibute to the net community on other dudes threads which to me is self genocidal
  5. LOL...You don't need Sativahhh's feedback. That dude is a parasite and a punk. Plus his music sucks. One or 2 chops and some fake ass scratches off FL. I use FL, but will at least bust on a real turntable for god sake.

    Watch and see...he prolly won't even return the feed. Dude just comes here for praise and everytime he don't get it, he is constantly bumping his link like no one saw it or gave a crap.
  6. Here are some of my recent beat tapes....Just let me know what u like cause I'm passing these out to different heads and whoever does what 1st is the recipient of that beat.
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