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  1. I wanna do a lil bit tonight if u got the time
  2. ok i understand where you coming from now man, and i appreciate what you're saying and your critisism is welcome, it's just that irony or sarcasm doesn't always come across the way it's supposed on the net lol. thanks and peace
  3. Put it this way, if I said nothing it would mean I didn't like you. That's obviously not true. Practice your craft here and you never know who could be paying attention. It may pay off for you some day. I haven't the patience to listen to as much hip hop as you do. With the wealth of knowledge on the subject you possess you could really be useful in the music world, not just for posting on this lousy message board. gotta throw up now, peace.
  4. damn man, i appreciate you coming with some constructive critiscism but i ain't trying to seek acceptance or write the absolute best on this message board. i don't get payed for writing here, i threads about topics i found interesting on a personal level that can make for a good discussion. but if you really think the GOOD Fridays thread took me 20-25 minutes to write then i don't know what to say. it took 5-10 minutes and i know it's not that much spelling errors - if i was writing for a magazine or whatever (which i will do one day, either that or working in a studio) i would obviously take the time to make sure it's as perfect as possible.

    i appreciate you coming with constructive critiscism as i was saying, feel free to keep doing that. peace
  5. Seriously, a kidney stone the size of a dime, and you have too much knowledge on hip hop to sound as ignorant as you do. Get educated and perhaps people will take you seriously and you can do this for real some day. Otherwise it's just a sad waste. You spent 20-25 minutes writing that mess, spend a lousy 5 minutes proofreading it. Knowledge and intelligence is not pathetic. Blind ignorance is.
  6. I started the affiliate track review index and I'm gonna ask Pro for sub sub forum for those reviews. I made the first post Affiliate index, and alphabetical track reviews so it will be a mile long. I made the next posts by letter so post 2 is # post 3 "A" post 4 "B" etc... If this seems kosher to you holler at me. You are more into affiliates than I am, so I figure you will be using it more that me. I'm making the affiliate titles yellow to separate from the white Clan titles...hit me back
  7. Thank you very much, this should motivate me to get my ass in gear and start pumping out more reviews....slacking the last few days
  8. i just upped Allah Math's production discography in the track reviews section so you know. sorry that it's taking it's time but i got a whole lot of shit to focus on irl right now so i'll do this when i got extra time. pz
  9. http://www.wutang-corp.com/forum/showthread.php?t=90033

    this is ill, thanks for posting it in the pro-du section or I never woulda found.
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