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  1. exactly.. yeah i was thinking the same, i think size 2 is enough actually, especially when it's in bold, and the years could be in 3 or 4.

    or maybe we could have the title of the release in 3 and the song title(s) in 2 and year in 4. we'll try and see what looks best. pz
  2. That's really good man. Obviously this will take a while, I've been stabbing at it, hour here hour there, but it looks really nice. Do you think we should make the text smaller in that index? I'm thinking it may be too big.
  3. have been visiting my family over the last few days but i'll do it as soon as i get back home tomorrow or the next. pz
  4. got that babies review? much more up to choose from...
  5. definitely a nice touch-up of the "Cold Outside" review. props
  6. ok it's up
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