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  1. europe is where you're from
  2. well rza had complete albums from both of them which were lost during the flood so that's just all that is

    but let's be realistic here, all jokes aside... wu tang came out in 93 ... enter the wu (pillar in rap), followed by six feet deep (pillar in horrorcore) and tical (classic) in 94, then cuban linx (pillar in mafioso rap), liquid swords (another pillar of hip hop), and return dirty version (classic) in 95 ... ghostface dropped ironman in 96, followed by forever in 97 ... and finally in 1998 you have the pillage (classic) as well as heavy mental, another monumental rap album ... so basically not only did wu tang stay consistent throughout over half a decade, they dropped monumental classic after classic after classic and this lasted for YEARS ... just those albums alone bury cunninlynguists discography fuckin 1,000 feet underground ... i like CL man i do, but they are not touchin WU ... never have, never will
  3. me. fuck wu for bringing us halfassed albums for almost a decade, I should've known I will never get an album from Uey or INS that I would play from the start to the ending for more than once... I'm rating albums on how well they stand against time and Cunninlynguists did almost everything right, where the Wu...

    still, you don't know a thing about europe. get a globus or something and educate yourself. maybe even type the word Slovenia into google and watch the pretty pictures.
  4. get some education? how about you get a mind of your own and stop formulating your opinion on an album based off of another man's rating ... who gives a shit about a rating ...
  5. read: Slovenia, Central Europe. Get some education first. CL's great ratings make their discography better than Wu's. Wu had their chance, but for ever Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2 there's a BlackOut2 and ProTools. That's my perspective.
  6. listen nerd, i never said cunninlynguists didnt have a stellar discography ... what i said is that they are by no means better than the wu tang clan ... but you will keep hatin, cuz ur from eastern europe and im from america home of everything u jock in life
  7. u kno what I meant, it doesn't have anything with me being european, u sheepy faggot, I don't mind that u listen to Pac and Holocaust, it's your dumb attitude that makes me wonder how do you manage to even know how to type u dumb motherfucker
  8. so who's better lyrically, Warcloud or Tupac

    really, can't you answer?
  9. u nuthin but a hater
  10. 2Pac is more lyrically advanced than Warcloud.

    I hope u don't think differently, otherwise that's my next thread.
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