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  1. yep im bout 2 make moves too, haha naw its free for him after a certain hr and i got an unlimited plan on my shit lol. yea we can make it happen either way i'll let u know the deal,finna slide too,PEACE 777
  2. haha All I know iz its gotta cost a pretty penny. I'm definetly into an ILL buildin session thou, i think its an important step. tonite im gettin roasted so it wont be, but Ima call him Saturday or Sunday night, watz good wit that? P.E.A.C.E I gotta step let me kno what goodha Buddha

  3. haha True, we can see whats good tonight if u want,ima be hittin em up more than likely.
  4. wordup yo, we needa have a conference call with MOD or somthin, how we gonna set that up!
  5. Indeed my Dude, i Feel That. doin the same actually.Ready 2 Combine Forces When you Are My G,Let a Brother Know and We can Make It Happen,Bless
  6. yoyoyo peace and respekt lord! Juz maxin bumpin my MOD thread before i get up into work... you kno the deal homie the grind... Wats really good thou, we gotta start on our collaboration over an MOD beat. Spark the infantry. Wats poppin wit you homie?
  7. 7eace to the Pharoah..whats the Science G
  8. P.E.A.C.E Lord!


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