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  1. haha yeah, Paz is no stranger to insulting religion(Christianity)
  2. For real, he diddn't hold back.
    Paz obviously ruffled his feathers haha.
    Although it's a mirror image of what Paz especially does all the time
    I think it's nice to hear another point of view still.
    And as you said it's lethal.
  3. Damn thats a lethal diss, at least it was entertaining and at least it wasnt about the typical diss material. shit mustve ruffled a few feathers since alot of rappers were/are NGE or NOI
  4. It's unlike any "diss track" I've heard.
    More about what they say on the religious front....
    Once you hear it you'll see waht I mean.
    Great track though, dude blacks out.
  5. Nah I'll youtube in a sec, why did they beef anyway?These dudes seem cool with Killah Priest which is cool
  6. Haha I saw the sig, nice choice.
    You check the Jedi diss yet ?
  7. peace listening to VK-Under The Sun, been stuck on the first 2 songs cuztheyre so dope
  8. ah ok I get you guess I misread.

    will check them out def

    and damn a JMT diss? how comes lol

    yeah thats cool your from the UK
  9. Peace.

    Yeah, I meant it's on my computer....
    A compilation of their best (my favourite tracks) so they are all mp3.
    Thats what I'm saying, all of their work is flames
    Just depends on what your feeling, thats why I made the CD.
    So I'd say just check everthing, it's worth it....
    And for the short time they've been around, they have a ton of material.

    But, the Jedi Mind Tricks diss is a great place to start.

    And your from the UK, me too.
  10. hey man whatsup

    thanks for the offer but dont worry about the CD, until I get a decent enough sound system to really enjoy the CD's im gonna stick with mp3's for the while, but reccomend any of their albums?

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