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  1. hey man, you know it's about that time when I make another offer for that OGC tape....I'll give you $15 cash for it man...lemme know when you get this....
  2. ah tite
  3. my bad
  4. i looked thru my boxes and i couldnt find one. i probably wouldnt have bought one either cause im not really into common
  5. i'll look thru my stuff i dont remember getting a common tape. unless it came in a big lot. ill let you know tho
  6. what common tape
  7. are you still picking up tapes
  8. yeah.

    i have a spot which is a store actually and they have really rare shit. but they had g dep child of the ghetto, common, and a few other more known
  9. damn how do you find all these tapes its just not fair
  10. red tint
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