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  1. http://www.hiphopcanada.com/_site/co....php?t=9491968

    that should be it my dude, lemme know if you want me to mix that Grenades joint you laced, peace fam
  2. yo wheres the thread for that consequence track on hiphopcanada? holla peace
  3. word g, just holla at me however u can, myspace,here whatever dont matter g, ima check that site out 2 word up, good looks bro, u already know the deal,100
  4. peace fam, eyo i posted the same track up on hiphopcanada.com , you should check that website out, go to community and then go to lounge and you can post trax up so peeps can check it out, it's a decent site, i dont have msn no more, i tried to dl the new version and it got messed up idk, and my cpu has no more memory, but i think i have a crazy beat for you to step on, i'll let you know real soon, git at me 100
  5. my dude i got beats for us 2 body, holla at me
  6. yo yo


    there ya go fams, hit me with the tracks soon g, stay up brother 100
  7. Yo yo holla at me god can u jump on msn?
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