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  1. Unload from the May Beat Catalog.

    Much respekt due!
  2. Sorry about that, which one was it?
  3. Yo P.E.A.C.E LORD! Much respekt. How be you GOD?
    Iz there anychance I could get that beat in MP3 I requested in yo last thread?
    RESPEKT + 1
  4. Ah you kno lord , jus chillin attempting to create frozen soundscapez... haha what else can we do? Yo i jus read wat CLYMAX said down there vv

    FULLY AGREE G.O.D , thats a classic BEEN waiting to happen...


    word the fuck UP.. haha shit sun, I remember being given WARFAIR, for SOUNDTHEORY from whoever it be, and being like, 'A GAME OF DEATH BEAT? OH WORD SUN! YOU LYING.' haha that shit was like being tossed the holy grail.


  5. What up Menes. Let me know what's good.
  6. P.E.A.C.E to the GOD! Alwayz holdin down the REAL..

    How you feelin LORD?

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