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  1. actually sorry my dude gonna have to be later in the day - got females to tend to lol
  2. Thank you sir
  3. one longer beat comin right up sir
  4. what u what up

    yo can you loop funk in the trunk for me real quick?? just make it longer bout to murder that.
  5. i know ya mic broke, but check da new beats! http://www.wutang-corp.com/forum/sho...d.php?t=105099
  6. haha i haven't forgotten about u fam! its just that i only make 0-1 beats a week, and when i do they've been for my next album theme which i dont think matches with ya style. i just gave STYLE a nasty ass new beat though haha maybe yall can collab on it i dunno, i think you'd like it. ill get u though.
  7. yo i been itchin' waiting for you to drop something vile i can get's down on
  8. no doubt no doubt, i been slackin on my beat making the last couple weeks hah but i was just diggin for samples today, might have some new shit in the near future ill keep ya posted
  9. true...feeling that sample havent heard it used before. If you got anything else lemme know let's drop something fierce.
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