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  1. Just finished my album called Candi Green: A Blue Raspberry Story. I'm also working on 3 mixtapes, Gemini, blind Fury, and Emotional Rollercoaster. E.M was to come out a while back, but if i don't think it's perfect, i ain't releasin any bullshit!
  2. I am a big fan of you and tekitha,and melody,too.ndira,jamie *******,etc. Why haven't any queenbeez dropped albums besides
    deadly venomz.yah style of rnb is singular in the industry.i think rza calls it blunted soul.yah been in the game for years before beyonce ,lady gaga,britney spears,j-lo.what's up wit the albums
    yah should expand record wit other artist.
    It would be dope if yah could get lady mecca from diggable planets to manage you.since she is one of the most respected 5% females in the industry.2 my knowledge.
    So what are you into besides music.
    Yeah i don't know if you write but i wanted to give you a idea for a song it would be dope if the queenbeez got together 4 this one.
    Here goes:
    Lady wu wear-featasberry blue,tekitha,ndira,jamie *******,deadly venom,melody,
    na mean.he he he he
  3. I'm the one who started out with Wu. The first vovalist on the tical, cl1, pillage, sunz of man, killarmy, cl2 and alot more. the one in ghot's video was tekitha. she came in after me.
  4. Are you the same bluerasberry from the ghostface killah song all that i got is you video,if you are your pretty.
    What do you think of whats going on with the wu-latino beef.
    I think a company for the female queenbeez should have been started instead.
    Wu-tang mamacitas/queenbeez
    what do you think of my idea?
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