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  1. gotchu imma b lookin 4 tht rite after i get outta summer school @ 11 tht day lol
  2. the lil B diss track called 'iLooK like the DEVIL' , is gonna be on the next tape that comes out on AUG 13. That tape is called 'WHEN WILL IT END'
  3. I answered both of your questions in the fish and pasta thread.peace
  4. yeah man just use audacity and you can rip whatever horror movies you got around the house. or go to blockbuster and do it up. You should just make your own kits out of Drum solos on diff tracks.Its easy to chop em up. u know.anyway , yeah man use audacity I guess.If you dont have it then dl it.
  5. i need new drum kits nd shit nd the site i get mine from make u take a fucking survey every 7 days now to keep on downloading em...sounds cool tho do u know where i can get sum horror type samples? or where i shud sample from?
  6. well I was wrapping one up with all jazz samples but I am buying an SP 303 so Im gonna wait to drop that until its run thru the SP. But you could sample a certain genre , there are lots of them. Or you could stick to all kinds of genres for samples but then use a bunch of horror movie samples. or any other kinda movie samples. ... you know. just whatever.
  7. idk im thinkin i shud but i want a theme nah mean? like usin certain samples nd shit idk im still thinkin any ideas?
  8. nigga ya beats smell like play dough .lm,ao jus fuckin with u man. make a beat tape.
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