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  1. I had a green lacoste polo on..I was mad cause I called off work and everything and I didnt get to see the wisemen. Bronze emailed me back on myspace and said they did an on the spot set at "Hkah Hookah Lounge" afterward...I dont even know where thats at. I saw wu at club laga like 3 times, once by themselves and twice with killarmy but I really wanted to see wisemen..hopefully they'll come back.. thats cool you got to see them though, were they nice?
  2. yeah, i was one of the 4 people left when they went on. what were you wearing, maybe i'd remember you. i stayed over at the "black" side of the bar for the most part until that dude with the Phillies hat went on stage. i was talking to him before the show, so i wanted to check him out.
  3. yo, I was there until 1245 pm then I just said fuck it...I heard by the time he went on it was like 2 or 3 am and there was like 3 people there? were you still at the show? there couldnt have been more than 50 people there
  4. yo, where in pgh are you from
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