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  1. I had the Bg picture of the mountians and i never had a chance to use it so i thought why not?..
  2. right on... serene, i dig it,
    what did u use as a reference for the schematics?
  3. i posted my work for his banner...
  4. Thanks lol I couldnt figure that out .. ya hit those links up they should help..
  5. idk if u got an answer but its LOL.. el o el... with an s.
    thanks for the links btw, i havent had time to check em out yet tho
  6. very improved. i like this one better. thanks man
  7. I wasnt Happy so I touched it up a bit ..

  8. ill ill... i don't guess i've made any sport sigs yet...

    found this site as well.
    it takes a while to load but it has alot of renders and you can draw some inspiration from there.


    so far it's my fav shit
  9. Ya that website pretty good.. I dont know if you like sport renders but check out http://www.o2designz.com/
  10. check this site if u haven't found it yet
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