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  1. hahaha no i have 2k12... the account hasn't been used by me in ages, it's my brother at home playing nba jam. i don't know why he plays that trash... it seriously sucks ass compared to 2k.

    i want ncaa but idk if i'll wait for the new one so as not to get an obsolete game
  2. your broke ass still aint got 2k12? lol of course i got it fool you still on that nba JAM 1994 shit i guess
  3. u ever get 2k12? i gotta set it up in my room sometime soon and i wanna get ncaa but im not sure if i should just wait to get ncaa
  4. i was thowed that night i finally beat u as the heat and was spittin hahahaha i feel you tho man good looks on that
  5. fair enough idk since you wanted to freestyle with me onetime we played 2k i figured you were into that stuff either ways respectable. i got a lot of love for jay dee so i thought i'd pass em onto you incase you cared/like listening to instrumentals.
  6. yeah i might DL them on my other Comp dunno what i will do with them tho theyre just beats and yeah lol thats crazy shit.... fuckin linsanity
  7. also look at your post count
  8. yo did u get my pm
  9. im getting it today sometime...online association looks dope as hell...i got a few games to trade in so basically ill only have to spend like 20 or maybe even less let me know when you pick up
  10. u should get it asap looks amazing.. im gonna get it as soon as i have a place i can play my 360
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