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  1. What I do now is kinda different on Reason, but the concepts here can be applied to whatever as long as u know ur software.

    hmmmm....if u use FL, I'd say start with routing more into each channel. In my kicks n snares, I use:

    Blood Overdrive
    Param EQ 2
    Soft Clipper

    There is kind of a number formula I developed with this and will probably get more into specfics with that when I can remember. Also in the main channel, I use the Multiband Compressor @ Preset "2 band comp 2". That helps the whole thing come to life.
  2. brotha i got a question how do i get my drums to have a more compresssed sound .....i already add alot... they sound to loose still im lookin for the sound u get on urs...any tips? i already compress them tho..
  3. yo...I'll get u that beat by this weekend. Just got to master it a bit after I add the verses.
  4. Thanks alot fam..like u said on the past if I continueenjoying andmaking them...im bound to get better....always good conversing wit u bruvva
  5. keep grindin on the beats fam. they are consistently improving.
  6. lol...looks like photoshop will take a minute. I'm just doing the final touch ups and will b ready to post a link.
  7. might use today to work on the front and back cover some more since I literally just got photoshop last night. it could improve the design a bit. will keep u updated thruout the day.
  8. Good job on that last track fam...I been a bit busy getting a beat set ready for the Chino XL show this weekend and taxes were a pain in the ass as usual, but I'm done with that nightmare thank god.
  9. check dis beat some swing i just figured a new technique out for drum patterns

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