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  1. do you gate your drums on your sp? I recently started playing them without the gate button on and it sounds more like a real set when I play. I gate samples though.
  2. The Digital Afterlife is being programmed right now and should be fully operational by the end of the month. peace
  3. Yeah I try to have that thing off cuz it only mess' me up more, but I use it when I have the sample as the foundation of a beat then I can throw drums hihat and snares over the track without it. But I see how it can be useful for peeps. What up with Digital Afterlife, when is that bomb coming. Peace
  4. you know how to turn the metronome off or down don't you? while its clicking hit the start end level button and turn ctrl 3 knob to control the volume of the click.I like the click cuz I can play off sometimes....okay a lot of the times.
  5. Yo good looking on that track, Oh yeah mecca turtle lmao, I do remember him now toward the end. Yeah I love sp man, I feel real comfortable with it cuz it kinda feels like my old setup (when I was recording in real-time) before I lost my equipment. Fck the metranome bullshit, I just need to tap it out. Peace
  6. Yo! haha that turtle was called mecha turtle and shredder had him made.He was a evil turtle until Donatello got ahold of him and rewired him to become good.They wrote him in at the end as one of those ideas to keep it fresh but his role wasn't major. LMAO , I just researched that last week cuz even I myself didn't remember dudes name or where he came from.

    This Track is SMOOVE that you did. the track 1 on boxnet. How are you liking the SP? It's dope right?

    def looking to hear what else is coming out of your SP fam so keep me updated.
  7. What up Inf, Im still workin the eq on egypt but I finally got that beat out of the sp. Its my first beat on the sp so let me know what you think http://www.box.net/shared/fio8vza3do, oh yeah lol@ that ninja turtle next to the sp...I had the same one, the shiny one and shit. Why was that turtle shiny, I forget? was is a robot turtle? haha thats fuckin classic thanks for all your help the other day it helped me out tremendously Peace
  8. I'm writing out the "one man army" track right now.it's almost mapped out then I will go for recording it in it's full form.
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