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  1. yo if u get a chance come to the battle arena and cast a vote in the tag team battle thread. its M.O.D. & Irie 1 Vs. KSTVRLSN & myself. PEACE
  2. http://www.box.net/shared/vqm5h4ilc8soim3t05k4

    this was supposed to be in the pm. my bad
  3. yo i said swing the sword man u dropped the fuckin guillotine on it lol
  4. cool cool ima work on it. take whats there and get the math right and get some new chopps and i'll send it when im finished. peace
  5. Shit is dope classic hip hop
  6. aight i'll up it on sound cloud in a min.
  7. Bro if u send me a soundcloud link I can listen today on my phone bonnet doesnt work fo some reason thanks
  8. yo whats up fam? here's a beat i was workin on for a collab wit u. its not finished yet. if u dont like it i'll send another.

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