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  1. Yes but right now I say Noisia is wack. He was good once, but I don't like his shit anymore. I just saw your messages, cause they are on your own page so I don't get a notification. Heavy beat, don't really understand what they're saying but I do enjoy the track. I think you can understand this lol since its English: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOXwZfX2I6c

    The last dude is a corny rapper, rest is average but this beat is great imo. Kohffie Konnekt are extremely focused on punchlines, they're probably the best here.
  2. Terilekst is really underrated but if you like that beat I think he only made one like that. Thing is that it's hard to find instrumentals with Dutch producers. I think they keep everything for themselves or the artists they're working with. No problem. I like Typhoon Wind Waait instrumental a bit better. Also the instrumental with a weird Underground beat name is actually Opgezwolle - Hoedenplank instrumental. Their beatmaker is Delic and I think he's by far the best thing that happened here. Opgezwolle raps Dutch so you don't understand, and they have the most amazing beats. I wish I could find all their instrumentals.
  3. check your private messages.
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