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  1. You're welcome to stay here for some time. Chea.
  2. never that.lol.I'm still alive. It's a crazy time right now.I always come and go. I'll be back in the mode in another month or so. send for me to come to the Netherlands.I'm plotting on ways to leave the US.no red lights though.
  3. Rip
  4. We were both crafted by duh chinks! Thank God for those slanty eyed underpaid chinks.
  5. hahahaha , we were obviously made by the same toy maker or architect. what's homo? LOL
  6. We must be bed brothers! No homo.
  7. well shit the bed .... LMAO ... I have the same bedding as that peepee gif.
  8. Yeah that's exactly what I did. I found the shirt in the attic when I was looking for a Beethoven VHS that I'm sure was/is somewhere up there so I could win the thread where you were having a convo with Dicky about that movie. I couldn't find it, but found this cumrag Oelfam shirt with moth holes in it and some other funky stuff on it. I'm more Oelfam than Gubes. Chea!

  9. lmao

    what happened to your oel shirt? that shit looks like what Benno said he used his for.
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